Video instructions and help with filling out and completing in-bond process

Instructions and Help about in-bond process

Hey everybody my name is Anurag Roy and in today's video we are going to talk about how to fail bail bond before we go further I must request you to share this video as much as you can to your Facebook whatsapp or Instagram account so let get started let us first understand that what is the procedure of bail bond first of all in a court of law whenever an accused is arrested he can be arrested either in vailable offenses or in non bailable offenses whenever an accused is arrested in a court of law as an advocate we have to file an application for bail if you want to understand how to file an application for bail the video is given in the link down in the description check out that video as well once an application has been filed to the court of law for bail the court provides a date for hearing after hearing both the party it is the discretion of the court in non bailable offenses whether to grant bail or not when it comes to bailable offenses itself matter of right and court released the accused whenever a quote release and accused on bail the court has a discussion to put certain amount as a surety as a promise from accused that he will participate into the proceeding and he will not run away from the court of law so let us discuss how we can fill this bail bond so let us take a look at the bail bond this is the front page what is look like and it also consists the second page you can also see the heading as affidavit these are the details that we will fill just take a look at it at the end there is verification as well so you can also call form number 45 as bail-bond this is the general details that we have to fail first of all we have to fill the name of the quote or the judge name let's say for example ABC is the name of charge who is Metropolitan Magistrate then we have to write ABC mm then we have to mention the area of this police station in which the person has been arrested and we also mention these sections under which that person has been arrested for example let's say 3:02 with the common intention of 34 let's say so we have to mention sections just like this and then we have to mention the fi or number of that occurs now this is the next state of hearing of the code we have to mention the date next state and we also have to mention that the date on which the accused person has gone to the jail okay so now this is the second paragraph this deal with the accused we have to mention the details regarding to the accused person so first I name of the accused we have