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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cbp 214b

Instructions and Help about Cbp 214b

Hello viewers welcome to our program on immigration and you I am your immigration attorney Michael Fulani and once again with we have with US attorney David not one my partner Dave so Michael always a pleasure to be here with you thank you and this program is very interesting and I believe and I feel that this may also help you somewhat and going forward we may look some changes that may take place based on what we are talking about many of the people when they apply for a visitor visa student visa j-1 exchange visitor visa or even p3 performance visas get denied they can deny it under Section 214 B and with the denials there's some time worried people like I am a businessman or I just want to go to United States for tourism with my family to D Disney to take the children to Disney World and I'm going to spend there 3,000 4,000 5,000 dollars why are they denying ariza I mean what kind of country is it I mean did they feel a little bad about the country they think that America would not they want any tourism don't they want to encourage us people to visit the USA the fact here is that let me say or do or in Hindi kahani or OTF asana or Hota Hai means saying is something and done something what is said by the politicians are people on the top sometimes at the lower level that doesn't work that away exactly I think there should be a better communication between the senior authorities that modern estate and the conofficer at everything that this is the policy of court they send them the policy but they are making a point here that point is greatest coming from let me tell you Hillary Clinton our Secretary of the the Department of History on October 2nd she made some comments and let me just read the words what she said then I'll tell you why I said Carney or of sana this is like this she said I really feel that every travels abroad in effect the American is a American diplomat like we are judged on our ongoing basis fairly or not and that we want to do more - perhaps our own citizens to travel but really really we want to send a message to the rest of the world that America is open to you America is open to you and then she also said that we have made so many changes and we have enhanced a lot of our security province but there is no risk-free environment in the travel in the government anyway so that of course we know that there is a concern always and they are resolved I will talk about that in a minute resolve most of those problems in a year so we need your based ideas and we are going to look to you as our.

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