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How do I find a wife?
Lol, it would be great if one only had to follow steps 1 through 7, then possibly repeat a few steps and voila wife and great marriage.Alas, its not so simple, and honestly everyone's situation will be so different that what works for one probably wouldn't work for or with another.That said, I can try to give you some general life advice that hopefully will help.Step 1, work on yourself (body)  Look hard in the mirror.  Do you have personal things you need to work on?  Are you truly comfortable with yourself?  Maybe you need to join a gym to become more healthy and fit.  This is not about you needing to be buff to find a mate.  It's more about being happy with what YOU see when you look at yourself.  Others will sense it in you if you are or if you aren't.  You will also be getting out and doing something.  Talk to people there.  Anyone, not just women.  It's actually not a good place to hit on people but you can practice being sociable and friendly.Step 1.5. Keep working on yourself, (mind) Maybe you should take some classes.  Could be art or career advancement subjects.  Really up to you but it will get you out of the house, you'll meet new people.  You will sharpen skills and freshen up your mind.Step 3, up your game.  You should start talking to women everywhere you go.  DO NOT HIT ON THEM. This all about being comfortable starting conversations and talking to people sociably.  Talk to the girl who checks you out at grocery store, your waitress, a woman waiting for the bus.. Anywhere you find yourself standing there next to a female just smile and say hi.  Make friendly small talk then tell her have a nice day or if she told you something she's doing tell her good luck w it.. Just be nice.  If you are shy talking to attractive women start with not attractive ones or old ladys. Then adjust as you become comfortable.Next several steps.. Just keep doing  the above... Try to get out and do more things where there are other people around.  Pick stuff you enjoy.  Socialize.It's important to broaden your circle.  .Most people only go to the same places every day and only have the possibility of meeting a very limited number of people.  Start going to different places. Try different stores.  Get on meetup.com and join some groups so you can go out with other people and do fun stuff.  DO NOT HIT ON WOMEN but do try to make friends and talk to as many as you can.If you keep doing the above you will better yourself, enjoy your life more and make more friends at the same time you are becoming more socially comfortable and meeting more women.  The goal is to NATURALLY click with someone.. Not to plan it and if you are trying too hard they will sense you are desperate or creepy and its a turn off.  You really don't go out and FIND A WIFE.  You meet more people in positive social settings and have good conversation and hopefully someone clicks with you and you find you want to spend more time together.  Your conversations get deeper and you become closer and you date and become exclusive and eventually things progress and you both find you are too important a part of each others lives to ever imagine going without and then you probably talk about futures and marriage before you pop the question.I did it differently because my wife sought me out.  She was following my blogging on multicultural issues and cultural anthropology and then she emailed me... And I ignored her.  Several times.. She sent me pics.  I figured they weren't real and that she was too young, too pretty and too far away.  One day I was bored and decided to chat w her anyway and it was like I had always known her.. We just clicked so well.  We talked all night and I didn't want to stop but it was 4 am.  So I asked if she'd be on next day.  We picked up and kept chatting every day and then one day she told me she was at a family wedding and getting harrassed about being too old and shevbettervmarry or they'd find her someone.  They had people in mind already.  When I imagined her married to anyone else I was crazy and I knew I had to go.  So I wiped out my bank flew to China and spent 2 weeks with her and asked her to marry me.But unless you speak another language and have a great deal of first hand experience with that culture I don't actually recommend going that route.  By all means if you are studying/working abroad go ahead but keep in mind the K1 visa process is hell to go through.  Long, opaque, and expensive, one might guess it was designed to break a couple before they can marry.  My wife's visa took 9 months.
How do I weed out gold diggers?
Most women are, to a certain degree "gold diggers".  I don't mean that as a perjorative.  Of the things that women find attractive in men, a very substantial portion of that is earning potential. Naturally, there are many other dimensions of attractiveness, but trading sexual favors for material resources is not exactly a modern or novel aspect of primate behavior.So, the way you determine the degree to which she is a gold digger is to not spend substantial money on her during early phases of the relationship.  If she likes gifts (many women do, but not all) make sure that they are inexpensive and thoughtful trinkets.  Err on the side of frugality when it comes to spending time with her.  Also, a rich man should spend a lot of time spinning plates early in his dating career.  Like a very beautiful woman, a rich man is a kind of celebrity, and is attractive to more women than his poor counterpart. As a celebrity, he should take his time in settling down and date many women over many years.  Very beautiful women have a shelf life of attractiveness, but wealthy men just get more attractive as they make more money. All women are making a wager when they marry a poor man.  They are betting that he will stay attractive to them by earning more resources over time. He is betting that she will remain able to fit into her wedding dress for the next 10 years. Often those bets go wrong.
How did Germany's stock market perform during the rise of the Third Reich? Did it give out warning signs of what was to come?
Barton Biggs in "Wealth, War and Wisdom" tells a good story about that period.Here is how it looks for Germany:(Source)
Why are mobile phones not allowed in petrol pumps?
We all know that mobile phones are banned in petrol pumps. Usage of mobile phones at petrol station can cause explosions or fires? Whenever we go at the petrol station we generally saw a warning board which tells us to switch our mobile phones off. So the main reason behind this is “Electromagnetic Radiations” emitted by our mobile phones. The electromagnetic radiations are enough capable of igniting the petrol vapor directly and causing the explosions and it can induce currents in nearby metallic objects that can also cause explosions.What does Science say?According to science, the explosions that can be caused at petrol stations due to the usage of mobile phones are not because of electromagnetic radiations because the mobile phones are low-power radio-frequency transmitters (between 450 and 2700 MHz) and have a peak power value that ranges between 0.1 and 2 watts. The main reason of explosions can be the defective batteries of cars and bikes.The Fact:In a research, it was found that in 243 petrol station explosions in the world, none of them were caused by the usage of mobile phones at the station. Any explosion caused till now has not been confirmed that it is caused by mobile phone. Even a cigarette is not capable of igniting the petrol vapor to such an extent.Ending The Article:-The truth about such myths is that mobile phones are the only source of distractions. These are not dangerous enough to cause an explosion. Nowadays, petrol station fires are very rare and all of them that have been caused till now are because of static electricity igniting the petrol vapor. This also needs a perfect mixture of air and vapor that is not common. Also, the petrol station has installed vapor recovery systems which will reduce the chances of an explosion.P.S : Don’t copy the above information into your blog or website because I have my copyright for this post.Visit Here For Full Post : Why Mobile Phones Are Banned In Petrol Pumps?
Is it a mental illness if you speak to yourself?
Not at all.Hallucinating (imagining sensory manifestations) people speaking to you, or you speaking to them, would be symptoms of mental illness, but you also have to take into consideration religious beliefs and determine if they are better explained by belief systems.Delusions (thinking irrational things that are not real) are also symptoms of psychosis and will be identified as distinct from a person just talking to themselves —which is more an externalization of self talk.A doctor will be able to diagnosis these symptoms. The criteria for determining hallucinations and delusions are available in the DSM-V.Book in to work with me: drtaylorburrowes.comEmail me: contact@drtaylorburrowes.com
What are the warning signs that a budding entrepreneur should look out for to realize that he really is not cut out to be an entrepreneur?
As far as I am concerned, I don't believe that it is an accident that a person has set out on an entrepreneurial journey ... and if you have already taken the initial steps, why not just continue, whether you think your're cut out for it or not.Not everyone that chooses to be entrepreneurial ends up being acknowledged publicly as an entrepreneur. But that should not stop them continuing on the entrepreneurial journey. Because being entrepreneurial simply means that you seek self-actualization, a life of significance and actions that can make a difference and add meaning to your world. These are noble human goals that should never be abandoned, especially by those that have already taken the initial steps towards their achievement.There is no 'one-perfect-fit' entrepreneurial type. Sure they do share certain characteristics but their skill sets and personality types come from diverse fields. Myers-Briggs identifies that entrepreneurs can come from fields as diverse as the ISTP ‘Craftsman’, the ESTP ‘Doer’, the ENTJ ‘Field Marshal’, the ENTP ‘Inventor• or the ENFP ‘Champion• type temperament.Like every entrepreneur that has gone before you, you will have your share of disappointments, set-backs and failures but I would never say to someone that has already begun the entrepreneurial journey to do anything else but to dust yourself off, start again, push on and never give up until you find the path that leads to your success - however you might define it! If you identify with most of the following characteristics of an entrepreneur then I say, continue the journey ... if not, then perhaps another option could be considered:have high energy enjoy creative pursuitsare self-confidentpossess healthy levels of self-esteem are futuristic in outlook enjoy finding solutions to problemswillingly trade present risk for future benefitslearn from failures (yours and others). thrive on change have a natural predisposition to showing initiative willingly accept personal responsibilityThe entrepreneurial journey is a 'road less travelled' life-choice that is open to everyone. But those that are committed to the journey will stay the course in spite of the disappointments, set-backs and failures. We have far too few of them that have chosen this path to be discouraging a budding one by saying that they are not really cut out for it. All entrepreneurs have moments when we wonder 'what have I done?', but we continue anyway, mostly because we perceive the alternatives as being a less than worthy investment of our lives.
What are some early warning signs that someone may turn out to be abusive?
There are many.https://www.safehousealliance.or...New Hope for WomenEarly Warning Signs: Identifying DV Red Flags - Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence
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